Why You Should Be Using a Matchmaking Service

Why You Should Be Using a Matchmaking Service

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Dating in 2017 can be a daunting task. Meeting people at bars is not always a safe option, and online dating can be just as sketchy. So, what options do we have for meeting people other than work or through friends? Matchmaking services are actually a great alternative to bar hopping and the plethora of dating apps. Here are a few reasons why you should be using one.

Meeting Someone in a Bar is Not Guaranteed

Not everyone at a bar has the best of intentions when it comes to dating. Some only interact with members of the opposite sex in order to get free drinks or just for attention. You may work up the courage to talk with someone only to find that you have nothing in common with that person. When you use a matchmaking service, you will be matched with someone who at least shares common interests and expectations with you.

Negative Aspects of Online Dating

Surprisingly, online dating is much like real-life dating. You may be able to talk with lots of different people, but there is often much miscommunication regarding online relationships. Sometimes one party will not voice their intentions, which can lead to hurt feelings and disappointment. Other times one party can be misleading about who they truly are, which is not only emotionally hurtful, but can also be physically unsafe in the long run. (For example, one can be very charming online, but totally the opposite in real life.)

Most Matchmaking Services Have Strict Criteria for Clients

One Toronto-based matchmaking service only accepts clients by referral. Once you are referred, the matchmaker meets with you for an interview. Most matchmakers require clients to fill out a detailed questionnaire. The matchmaker will want to know what you consider to be “deal breakers” – perhaps you refuse to date a smoker or someone without a certain level of education. These things will be taken into consideration by the matchmaker. You will be asked to pay a fee to the matchmaker; however, this might be an assurance that whomever you are set up with takes dating seriously. Some matchmaking services do not allow potential candidates to see photos of their prospective dates; this is a positive step in that you won’t be making a decision based on looks alone.

While a matchmaking service may take longer than a dating app, there is much more success when using a service compared to an app. At least 60 percent of those who had used both apps and matchmaking services found a more permanent relationship with the service. Of those 60, at least half of that number either married or were in a long-term relationship due to the use of the matchmaking service.

The personal touch of a matchmaking service is much more successful than than of a dating app or hoping to meet someone in a bar.

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