How to Let Chemistry Happen


Happiness in relationships comes in a number of forms. Only you and your partner can decide what is right for you. Some people fall in love at first site and go on to live happy lives together. Other relationships take more time to develop. Some people love to spend all their time together. Others need more personal space. No one way is inherently right or wrong for every couple. What matters is that the people in the relationship are on the same page. Everyone involved needs to be comfortable with these personal aspects of their lives.


Communication is key. That doesn’t mean you have maintain intense eye contact while having deep conversations constantly. That is one way to do it, but it all depends on what makes the both of you comfortable. You won’t know how the other person feels unless you talk about it in some way. The important thing is to let everything happen naturally. If one party wants more time together and the other wants more time apart then it is something you may need to compromise on. If you feel that a compromise won’t work for you and what you want then maybe it is time to reevaluate that relationship.

These days we interact digitally a lot. We even find our partners digitally through dating apps and matchmaking services. Something can be lost in this type of communication, but it also gives some people opportunity to speak their mind in a more relaxed environment at their leisure. There are pros and cons to everything. Don’t try to force your partner into interacting with you the way you want all the time

Be Flexible

It’s important to be flexible with your partner. No two people will ever align 100% on everything. This is part of the beauty and the pain of relationships. Learn to appreciate the things you do enjoy together and the things about your partner that are different. Don’t fixate on the differences in a negative way. If the person you are with likes something you can’t stand, come up with some kind of solution where everyone can be satisfied.

Don’t try to change your partner to fit your ideals. People can change but they rarely do because someone else wants them to. If you really think your way is better then try to convince them with a solid argument. Good luck. Really you’re better off just accepting the people in your life the way they are. If you honestly examine yourself, you’ll see that you have some things others might want to change about you too. That is ok. Just find someone you can match with on most things and work from there.

Relationships are work, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun as well. People are infinitely fascinating if you get to know all their quirks and interests. You don’t have to mold a partner to fit your life. The right partner will align in a more organic way. Don’t be afraid if your relationship doesn’t look how you imagined before. Some of the best treasures are found off the beaten path.

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