How Dating Has Changed in the Last 10 Years


Although it comes in many forms across many cultures and eras, courtship is a dance as old as love itself. The evolution of dating, however, is changing at breakneck speed and it is important to stay abreast if you want to land your dream partner. Over time, and especially the last ten years, dating has transformed significantly.

Traditionally, singles met through mutual friends, at church, work, or parties. For those who were lacking resources or membership in any of those departments, the journey was that much more difficult. Then something magical happened, and developers began to incorporate the vast capabilities of the internet with the landmine of dating. People were able to network and reconnect via social platforms easier and faster than ever.

Now, online dating services and apps have become less taboo and more instrumental in finding love in many forms, whether a brief romance or lifelong partnership. In a bid to stay competitive, many of these applications have upped their game with mixers, events and even tracking apps so that you can get even more insight before signing on for that first date. As more couples share their success stories, stigmas continue to dissipate, encouraging others to find help in the matchmaking arena.

Technology made it easier to find someone amidst the busy chaos and it is changing dating in other ways. New couples stay constantly connected. Gone are the days of waiting by the home phone while your new love interest waits three days so as not to appear to too earnest. Couples are tucking each other into bed after the first date with text messages of reassurance and excitement. It has also become more acceptable than ever for a girl to reach out first, whether to solidify that first date or follow up afterwards. Many of the old rules of dating have fallen by the wayside, making room for veritable speed dating by getting to know a potential partner quickly and thoroughly.

Of course, all that intimacy at break neck speed means that the order of relationships has changed significantly over the last 10 years. Twosomes are cohabiting more frequently and sooner in the relationship to save money, spend more time together and also to test the waters before marrying. Even so, people are waiting longer before tying the knot. Even as the median age for men and women marrying for the first time increases, biology remains much the same. This means for many people there are choices to make if they wish to have a family, and many are opting to have children before making it official.

Meeting a partner you could spend the rest of your life with is both intimidating and exhilarating. While online resources have certainly widened the dating pool, it can be difficult to trust the authenticity of the profile a person projects. Consider the art of matchmaking to bridge the gap between a plethora of candidates and a smaller, well researched pool of potential partners. There are now excellent matchmaking services like Kelleher Internationalthat offers premium matchmaking to high profile clients.

The matchmakers here are using more than a swipe or a brief perusal of someone’s height, weight, eye color stats to deem him or her a good match. It can be both underwhelming and overwhelming at the same time. Kelleher serves singles who need time and discretion in their busy lives to find the right person and hundreds who have benefited from their relationship coaching and intuition to form long lasting bonds. Considering the ever-changing dating world, having a professional to guide you through the latest expectations and intricacies is priceless.



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